Welcome to noopman.com, the home of Azure Expert Magnus Mårtensson!

I am a technical professional and Microsoft Azure expert and as such I help my customers on all aspects of their journey to the cloud. You see me speak on the world stage about Cloud, and deliver training about the same. I organize community happenings such as CloudBurst and Global Azure. I also participate in professional conference organizations as SME for Cloud content. As a 12 time Microsoft MVP and a Microsoft Regional Director, I provide a lot of feedback to Microsoft, and use my super-charged network to assist my customers using Microsoft technology. You will see me empower my surroundings with passion and joy as much as I possibly can, and act as an instigator for people to fulfill themselves and be their most wonderful selves. I travel, experience, eat, drink, and enjoy life at every turn, because as far as I know, we each get only one of those, and I will make mine count! You can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Mastodon using the links on this site! I am always approachable, so if you see me somewhere in the world, please come up and say hello! :~) For Too Much Information (TMI) please check my about page!

Perhaps you are here looking for my technical blog?

Magnus holding up a fist of home grown Lemon Drop Chilies.

On this site - my domain - I share what I find interesting in the world. A lot of that will be about Microsoft Azure Technology, but there is so much more I will share. Enjoy what you will on this site and subscribe to the kinds of updates that are relevant to you!