I am delighted to share that I will deliver the keynote at Software Architecture Conference 2023 (virtual conference) on Friday August 25. The conference has a great lineup of sorftware architects that will share their experience, their tips and tricks and their passion!


I will talk about the responsibility of being a software architect and that the software architect is the most passionate and the person in the company who cares the most – the keeper of the flame, who shows the direction of the company tech.

See you there!

Thank you C# Corner for having me – I feel honoured!







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This week on The Cloud Show our guest star Alex Mang and I discuss Cloud Native Development (taa-daa). What is that, and how is that any different from that we have been doing in development before we started using a cloud platform?

Alex Mang is exceptionally experienced with leading teams that develop applicaions, outside and for the cloud. I can think of few others that could shed a more precice spotlight onthis topic than him.


VIEW THE EPISODE here below and follow the show for more!


The Cloud Show is the weekly show for leaders are impacted by cloud projects. Through short interviews with insightful guest Stars we penetrate important topics about cloud and leadership in cloud contexts. We know this show will help listeners potentially avoid some of the challenges that we have faced, or at least be better equipped to face the ardious journey that is the path to a successful cloud for your business!

Reach out to me if YOU want to be a gues on the Cloud Show, or if you know someone who would make a great guest star!

About the Show Star

Alex Mang is a Microsoft Regional Director, Azure Most Valuable Professional, working as a cloud architect, consultant, trainer, software developer but also regularly seen at conferences and user groups speaking mostly on cloud-computing topics. His main goal is to help developers better understand the implications of cloud-computing as a whole, from as many perspectives as possible. Alex was invited three times in a row as a featured speaker at Microsoft Ignite, the company’s largest and most important technical conference gathering nearly 35,000 attendees.
Since 2011, Alex runs KeyTicket Solutions, a company focused on democratizing access control, ticketing and management solutions for every single vertical in the world.
For his experience on cloud-driven solutions, his Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), Microsoft Certified Solution Associate (MCSA) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) stand as proof and so do the many happy customers he had the pleasure to work with for the past many years.

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A great conference is coming up on December 4-6; it’s the European Cloud Summit 2023 in Wiesbaden, Germany.

“The European Cloud Summit is a premier event in Europe for Microsoft Azure and Cloud Technologies. It gathers Microsoft Azure executives and engineers, top speakers, industry professionals, large clients, and thousands of attendees for networking. The summit provides cutting-edge content in both business and technology, offering a great learning and professional opportunity.”

Thrilled to be a featured speaker alongside such a superb lineup of fellow speaker experts:


I will speak about my “Five best Azure Access Control practices” It is a serious challenge to master Access Control and Identity in the Cloud. With experience from over ten years as an Azure MVP, and in my role as CEO of Loftysoft, I know most companies fail this challenge completely. Focus on Zero-Trust with the quintessential principles of just-in-time access and least-privilege! My session will banish Azure ghost and zombies from Azure. We will obliterate connection strings forever. We will see magical secrets that will never expire. That and more in this fast paced, demo heavy Azure enablement session which will make you a great Azure access hero.


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One of the greatest cities in Europe is Prague. I am so pleased to go back there for a conference event. I will be speaking at Update Conference Prague 2023. “Update Conference Prague is the biggest developer conference in the Czech Republic, offering sessions delivered by the top experts from all around the world. In addition to that, we also organize a few smaller events every year, each of them focusing on a specific topic.”


Flattered and joyful to be a featured speaker:



My session will be about managing environments in the cloud for developement and testing, and optimizing time spent in setting them up and tearing them down. “Dev and Test Environments in Azure finally fast, cheap, and somewhat easy” This is a great area for any company to focus on to get full control of what the heck you spend your time and money on in the cloud!

If you are not using the cloud for Development and Test you are missing out – not really doing it right! Not all workloads belong in the cloud, but all development and test does for sure!

While the cloud is becoming ever more empowering and capable, at the same time it can feel too advanced and too far away when you are developing and testing. Self-reported numbers put cloud resource consumption waste at so much as a third (1/3) of the monthly bill! Much of this waste may be attributed to failure to automate and to not optimizing working environments in the cloud.


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Going back to India! My favourite home away from home, where the weather is warm, and the people are tremendous. What I love the most about India – it’s gracious and wonderful people! Oh, and the food too of course.

I will be at the C# Corner Conference 2023 in the Delhi area on October 9-14.

I am very glad to be giving a keynote adress this year, and of course happy to share knowledge and cloud experience.



If you are in India or nearby, you should consider coming to attend this excellent conference!

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