This week on The Cloud Show our guest star Mahesh Chand.

We dive into questions about cloud cost and cost management for the cloud. How do you approach and think about your cloud spend and how do you figure out the way to get it under control! This episode is a VERY useful one with hands on from a person with many years of experience managing cloud projects with a budget.


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The Cloud Show is the weekly show for leaders are impacted by cloud projects. Through short interviews with insightful guest Stars we penetrate important topics about cloud and leadership in cloud contexts. We know this show will help listeners potentially avoid some of the challenges that we have faced, or at least be better equipped to face the ardious journey that is the path to a successful cloud for your business!

Reach out to me if YOU want to be a gues on the Cloud Show, or if you know someone who would make a great guest star!

About the Show Star

Mahesh Chand is the founder of C# Corner and an entrepreneur who brings his skill and experience to many customers who end up owing a bit of their success to him.

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