DevSum 2024

I am speaking at DevSum 2024 in Stockholm on May 16-17, 2024.

My session this time is a “lessons learned” topic, and I am very excited to talk about it. Currently, I am helping public sector customers with their approach to cloud. There are, as I am sure you expect multiple interesting challenges with moving something of this size, this heavily regulated, and with considerable legacy IT and applications. It is challenging and rewarding to be a part of large transformation stories and there are many things to consider in public sector that are not of equal importance in the private sector.


DevSum has a 20th anniversary this year, which is an impressive feat by Cornerstone the organizer. The conference is always very well organized and it draws a big crowd from near and far. The speaker lineup this year is, as every year, excellent! It will be an awesome show!


My session: Lessons learned from public sector cloud implementations

“It is time to talk about the specific challenges on the cloudy road ahead! It may feel intimidating, daunting, with a real risk of missing the target or not gaining the full benefit of the cloud-move. The cloud promises; Agile/fast, secure, compliant, and pay-per-use. Not to mention all those new AI services – they are all in the cloud. No cloud, no AI!

Right now, the Swedish public sector is in fact moving to the cloud. For many years, the situation was rather locked by compliance, security, and data sovereignty matters.

Over a decade after the introduction of cloud computing, the public sector in Sweden is finally beginning to migrate services that contain citizen data and/or are classified as nationally critical infrastructure to the cloud.

Among the challenges associated with adopting a cloud approach are governance, managing partner and supplier relationships, ensuring security and compliance, transitioning skills, planning for change, and developing a proper strategy. Attend this session for a run-down of the bold steps that will set you on a straighter path directly to the cloud!”


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Microsoft Zero To Hero Community

I gave a presentation at this sweet learning community on LinkedIn Learning called “Microsoft Zero to Hero Community”. Please take a look at this community, and if you are an Azure Learner – you could joint the community and follow them to share in all the learning they provide! <3

A while ago I started to just line up slides with random Azure advice. Over time the list of slides grew, and so I thought; “would anyone really want to hear a random rambling session by me where I just dispense a stream of things I have learned about Azure over the years?” Turns out the answer is “yes that is really useful”! So I sorted my slides and now have it as an ever growing set of anectdotal Azure knowledge.

I think Baz Luhrmann put it best: “Be careful whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it. Advice is a form of nostalgia: Dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts, and recycling it for more than it’s worth.”

For what it’s worth, it seems folks are keen to hear about Azure since the days it was called “Windows”. The original name for Azure… well the code name was Red Dog but that’s another story. The original name was “Windows Azure”.

You can view my session here on YouTube: Magnus Mårtensson - Four pre-flight checks for Azure Cloud (




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Experts Live Denmark 2024

I had the pleasure of speaking at Experts Live Denmark in Lyngby, just north of Copenhagen. This was a nicely executed event hosted at Microsoft, but run by the community. A very well organized event and with many great speakers there to share knowledge.


I was on an Ask Me Anything panel along with several of my speaker peers. That is always fun! My session was about Access Control management in Azure. This is a very important topic, and – let’s be honest – most companies do not do this very well.

I urge you to take a look at Experts Live and find an event near you, because if it is anything like the one in Copenhagen, you will be in for a treat!


Magnus Mårtensson speaker profile on Experts Live

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I recently had the opportunity to catch up with two very good friends, Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin on their show .NET Rocks to talk about... well a lot about Azure. What it was, how it grew up, and what it is now. Of course I also got to mention Global Auzre, which is always nice and the right thing to do when you have a BIG audience.

It's 2024, how is Azure doing? (Listen to the episode here.)

It is pretty amazing how much Azure has grown over the years. It is now an unruly teenager which we all depend on to help get our job done! OH MY! ;~) Starting out from only eight data centers globally, Azure today is – nobody knows exactly how many. The number of services in the platform has sky rocketed from a handful to hundreds. I can only immagine what it must feel like to see Azure for the first time today. My perspective is long but it can never be seen with fresh eyes. Azure is a wonderous place, and also something that needs to evolve much further in some cases. AI will do an interesting number on Azure services for sure. Also, we discuss how a few get the cloud wrong, and decide – sometimes publicly – to back out of the cloud again. Experto crede; they’re not doing their part of the job, and they are not doing it right, with the wrong in-house skills, and not the right strategy, if they cannot make Azure work. It is a shared responsibility, and by (publicly) failing at it, they have declared they did not do their homework!

In the episode we covered a lot of ground, including but not limited to: Azure Migrate, Azure Advisor, and Azure Monitor.




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It is truly a fine honor to travel around the world to speak at conferences. As an international speaker it is especially exciting to travel from Sweden to Sydney as an invited speaker.

NDC Sydney is a conference from the company NDC conferences, and that means a grand event with a top-tier of international speakers, a fine venue stocked with food, drink, and with a strong sponsor lineup. This is a learning experience to be reckoned with, that stands out among conferences around the world.

I will strongly recommend it is a good investment in personal development to attend one of these conferences, should you have the opportunity to do so.


“NDC Sydney 2024 will be an in-person event, held 12-16 February 2024 at Hilton Sydney. It's a five-day event comprised of 2-days deep-dive workshops, followed by 3 conference days with multiple simultaneous tracks.”

At NDC Sydney, I will speak, be interviewed, and I will interview none other than Mads Torgersen on my talk-show #TheCloudShow. Hope to see you all there! Below my session topic for the event.



I will speak about how “Dev & Test Environments in Azure finally fast, cheap, and somewhat easy”!

This is a talk I really like, because I know very well how difficult it is to grasp and adopt environment automation in the cloud. I work with a lot of highly skilled and experienced IT-Pros and Devs, but maybe they have not got all that mileage in cloud yet, and with that comes a lerning curve for working with temporary environments in the cloud. When you need to do some testing for instance, you want to deploy the costly infrastructure to the cloud just-in-time and you want to remove it just after you finish your tests. At the same time you must know for sure that the environment you test on is configured exactly the same as the production target environment, otherwise what good is the test. Well, with automated testing (and development) environments, you can do all that. This is what my session explains and examplifies.

Here is my session description:

“If you are not using the cloud for Development and Test you are missing out – not really doing it right! Not all workloads belong in the cloud, but all development and test does for sure! While the cloud is becoming ever more empowering and capable, at the same time it can feel too advanced and too far away when you are developing and testing. Self-reported numbers put cloud resource consumption waste at so much as a third (1/3) of the monthly bill! Much of this waste may be attributed to failure to automate and to not optimizing working environments in the cloud.

Microsoft works diligently to make your Azure ascent exceedingly easy. With initiatives such as Azure Deployment Environments and Azure Developer CLI you the cloud user can enter one or a few commands on the line and hey-presto: You have a development environment running in the real Azure Cloud, just for you!
In this session we will look at two options from Microsoft in the paradigm of hands-free development and test environments as-a-service. Automation with Infrastructure as Code, extreme ease of use, built in compliance and security, and of course financial optimization are topics covered.
As a forward-thinking efficient developer, you need to be empowered with knowledge how to set up work in the Cloud, how to do your great job there, and how to optimize the spend your resource usage incurs! This session clears things up so that you can see the cloud despite all the fog. I also share my installation guide with links, including of course VS Code and Windows Terminal customization guidance. Enjoy!”


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