One of the greatest cities in Europe is Prague. I am so pleased to go back there for a conference event. I will be speaking at Update Conference Prague 2023. “Update Conference Prague is the biggest developer conference in the Czech Republic, offering sessions delivered by the top experts from all around the world. In addition to that, we also organize a few smaller events every year, each of them focusing on a specific topic.”


Flattered and joyful to be a featured speaker:



My session will be about managing environments in the cloud for developement and testing, and optimizing time spent in setting them up and tearing them down. “Dev and Test Environments in Azure finally fast, cheap, and somewhat easy” This is a great area for any company to focus on to get full control of what the heck you spend your time and money on in the cloud!

If you are not using the cloud for Development and Test you are missing out – not really doing it right! Not all workloads belong in the cloud, but all development and test does for sure!

While the cloud is becoming ever more empowering and capable, at the same time it can feel too advanced and too far away when you are developing and testing. Self-reported numbers put cloud resource consumption waste at so much as a third (1/3) of the monthly bill! Much of this waste may be attributed to failure to automate and to not optimizing working environments in the cloud.


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