DevSum conference 2023

Some conferences are special – the good Eurpean kind of special. DevSum falls in that category. I suppose a large part of the reason is that it is on home turf, in Stockholm, Sweden.

This year the conference content committee saw fit to select my talk on Four pre-flight checks for Azure Cloud. This is a particularly important topic these these days, and the audience frequently comment a lot of recognition. The fourth thing in my talk is “references”, but three large areas of items to cover _BEFORE_ you start are ensuring you have a good strategy, which leads to a good plan, and then to also ensure you empower and arrange your company organisation around cloud.


Technology may be advanced, but is frequently rather straigth forward. Humans, on the other hand, are _NEVER_ straight forward.

We tend to talk about and work on the tech, because that feels safe and usually not so contentious. As an industry we must talk a lot more about these other things, because that’s where the real cost of cloud hides, and this is where a quite signifficant portion of project time is spent!

In my talk I share a lot of real project stories (names have been changed to protect the victims), and a lot of personal experiences and tips earned in the trenches of cloud projects since the very dawn of the cloud!

Also at the conference, I met up with a ton of great friends and I saw multiple great talks delivered by some of those friends. Always phenominal to catch up both socially, and also professionally at conferences!


Thank you a lot DevSum for having me over – I appreciated this a lot! Hope to see you again next time! <3

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